Technical Services Department

The Technical and Services Department of ROSE Environment Limited currently offers repair and calibration services for customers and clients who purchase instruments from the Industrial Hygiene and Environmental instrument lines we currently carry.


Our Field Service Technicians hold various qualifications and skills in mechanics, electronics and instrumentation. In-house competencies include some experience working in a certified and dynamic calibration Laboratory for the Quest Technology Line of products as well as experience in the service repair and calibration of the SKC line of equipment. Two (2) of our Senior Technicians have completed factory training with Honeywell for our RAE gas monitor lines of equipment. This included a Portable Instrument Technician Certification Course with service of the following instruments: MiniRAE 3000, ppbRAE 3000, UltraRAE 3000, QRAE 2, QRAE 3, MultiRAE Family, ToxiRAE Pro Family, AreaRAE. We have also had our Technical Service Department participate in and gain factory training from Intoximeters, for the Intoximeters line of breathalyzer instruments that we currently supply, namely the Alco-Sensor IV and the Alco-Sensor FST Handheld Breath Alcohol Testers.

Rentals, Repairs and Calibrations, Customer Support and Training:

  • We provide rental services from our current equipment fleet, to customers, clients and students. Student rentals are eligible for discounted rates, where the student can provide a formal letter from the school indicating their current enrollment status and the project(s), areas of study they are currently pursuing. Rental customers are provided with calibrated and checked instruments, test certificates, and onsite demos and support for use and data collection.
  • Our in-house capabilities in instrument repairs includes sensor internals checks, operation and flow rates of pumps, and internal instrument cleaning. We continue to liaise with up to date manufacture technical expertise for troubleshooting. We also provide the customers with support for manufacture servicing, calibrations, checks and verifications.
  • Instruments in our rental fleet are manufacture calibrated using primary standards, as required. We also offer a full calibration service in-house for a range of dust monitors, sound level meters, noise dosimeters, gas monitoring instruments, indoor air quality monitors, and low and high-volume sampling pumps. Instruments are checked and calibrated, as well as verified in-house, using manufacture supplied testing kits. With the purchase of gas instrumentation, we procure calibration gases, regulators and tubing. We also offer training in the conduct of calibrations for the purchase of equipment and instrument kits.
  • We also provide customer oriented training sessions with the purchase of equipment and instrument kits. This includes: general equipment demonstrations and calibration procedures, Breath Alcohol Testing and Training for the Intoximeter line, Fundamentals of Acoustics and demonstration in the use of 3M Quest Sound Level Meters and the 3M Quest Detection Management Software.

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