Air Quality

Multicomponent Gas Analysis

Portable Stack Monitoring Instrumentation

Air Quality Monitoring


Professional meteorological equipment for consumer and industrial applications

Air Sampling tools and collection Media

Environmental Monitoring Instrumentation

Uninterrupted supply of any type of gas, at any quantity, almost anywhere in the world.

Occupational Hygiene

Single and Multigas Monitors

Advanced Environmental Instrumentation

Portable and fixed gas monitors

Dust Monitoring and Respirator Fit Test Equipment from TSI Inc

Quality Calibration Gas Mixtures for Every Industry & Application

+ Personal Noise Dosimeters

+ Sound Level Meters

+ Heat Stress Monitors

+ Indoor Air Quality/Particulate Monitors

Sound and Vibration Measurement Solutions

 Air sampling, particulate, metals, & volatiles monitoring equipment

 Radiation detection instruments

US EPA Approved for the use against SARS-CoV-2 

Professional, cordless, Electrostatic Sprayer

Water Quality

Portable water quality testing products

Laboratory Supplies

Waste & Wastewater Sampling Equipment

In-situ and Continuous Water Quality Instrumentation

Water Control & Measurement

High quality measurement technology for water analysis

Quality Coastal Monitoring Platforms

Hydrological Monitoring & Water Monitoring Systems

Acoustic Doppler Technology for Rivers and Coastal Applications

Quality Coastal Monitoring Platforms

 Flow and level measurement products for water, wastewater, and industrial markets.

Rugged Monitoring: Measurement & control instrumentation for any application


Personal Protective Clothing

Know What You’re Getting Into.

Alcohol Breath Analyzers

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