ALCO-SENSOR IV (AS IV). The Alco-Sensor IV follows an automated, software driven test protocol. Each function is displayed on an LED display which provides the operator with step-by-step instructions for fail-safe testing. The ASIV automatically samples deep lung breath and displays the result in a three digit readout (two or four digits where required). The proper insertion of the mouthpiece powers the instrument ON and a mouthpiece release feature, which eliminates operator contact with a used mouthpiece, turns the instrument OFF.

ALCO-SENSOR FIELD SOBRIETY TESTER (AS FST). This is a pocket-sized, hand-held breath alcohol tester. Does not data-log. The Alco-Sensor FST (ASFST) provides precise, accurate, repeatable results on direct breath sample testing. The instrument is also designed to offer a simple passive testing procedure for quick screening of a large number of subjects and the capability of measuring the headspace over a solution to identify alcohol in a suspected open container. While the Alco-Sensor FST is designed to withstand field use in a policing environment, it is also designed to offer intuitive, simple operating procedures and have sample collection requirements that minimize risk to the operator.

ROADSIDE BREATH TESTER IV (RBT IV). This consists of an Alco-sensor IV (AS IV) and a programmed microprocessor printer which stores test information and produces an automatic, hard-copy of the test results. The RBT IV consists of an Alco-Sensor® IV and a programmed Microprocessor Printer which prompts the step-by-step test sequence, prints a hard copy of the result and stores test information to memory. Unique Features: The standard RBT IV will request the entry of subject and/or operator information prior to performing a test and then will produce a hard copy result documenting the collected data along with pertinent test result information. Specific test protocols are available, off the shelf, including DOT, NRC and Law Enforcement protocols. Custom protocols in a variety of languages can also be designed upon request with three or four digit results.

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